COST Action CA19112 – Women on the Move (WEMov)


The Cost Action network Women on the Move (WEMov) is a transnational network from 49 countries, bringing together scholars, artists, activists in an interdisciplinary effort to trace female migration throughout history since the 16th century. The main goal of our efforts, based on the coordination of individual research agendas in social sciences, humanities and artistic activity is to recover and display female agency in migration. Instead of accepting the dependent role of women prevalent in social imagination we wish to highlight how actively women migrating in space and time shaped human history and societies – globally and locally.


It was an honor that the first Annual Meeting of the network, hosting participants from about 30 countries hosted by the Institute of Political History, Budapest, partly in the Castle District between 6-10 September 2021.



As it is customary for Cost Actions, our activity is not purely academic. We are more than happy with various social and political organizations whose social, cultural, political activities pertain to women and migration, whose experiences are indispensable for our success, and who can benefit the most from our results while they are interacting with and changing society. As part of the five-days long venue we organized a special event, called stakeholders’ evening. Our purpose is to facilitate dialogue with local stakeholders, NGOs, local councils, cultural organizations, activists, always looking for ways of cooperation beyond merely communicating our research results.

Stakeholder’s Leaflet