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The Library of the Institute of Political History

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The Institute of Political History runs a public scientific special library that collects, systematizes, registers and stores the academic theoretical literature, special books, periodicals on political history, political science, the modern history of Hungary and the volumes of modern world history in Hungarian as well as the publications of Hungarian political parties and political organizations and makes them available for researchers.

The growing library database can be traced in the www.netlib.hu joint library catalogue.

The library stock consists of approximately 125.000 volumes and the number of foreign books exceeds 25.000. The stock of periodicals covers 6000 titles, of which 2700 are in foreign languages. 54 current Hungarian periodicals are available in the reading-room.

Among the special collections of the library the books inherited from the collections of Sára Karig, János Kádár and Miklós Bárdos-Féltoronyi should be mentioned besides the Political Pamphlet Collection.

The library offers researchers and individuals its reading rooms, interlibrary loan service, photocopy and scanning facilities and internet access.

On 20th November 2007 the library joined the national net of NAVA points which provides free access to the film and news collection of the National Audiovisual Archive. From January 2009 the EBSCO database with thematic periodicals in English is also available.  


1054 Budapest, Alkotmány u. 2., II. floor
Phone: (+36 1) 301-20-24, (+36 1) 301-20-20/106
Fax: (+36 1) 301-20-29
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The opening hours:

Monday: 8.30–18.00
Tuesday and Wednesday: 8.30–16.00
Closed on Thursday and Friday

Módosítás dátuma: 2015. november 04. szerda, 15:05  


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