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The Archives of Political History and of Trade Unions

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The precursor of the Archives was established in 1948. It served as a department of the Institute of Labour Movement of the Hungarian Workers’ Party until 1955, of the Institute of Party History of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party from 1957, of the Institute of Political History of the Hungarian Socialist Party between 1989 and 1998, and as a part of the non-profit organisation of the Institute of Political History from 1998. Its maintainer is the Foundation of Political History.

Before the year 1989, our Archives had been collecting primarily the documents of the pre-1945 legal and illegal movements of the Hungarian labour movement, of the parties of the popular democratic period following the First World War, of the left-wing youth organisations, and of the people connected to these movements and organisations. We were storing the documents of the Hungarian Workers’ Party and the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party as well until 1992. Since 1998 we have been storing the documents of the Hungarian trade-unionist movement that were produced during the period of 1945 to 1989 and which had previously been stored in the Central Archives of Trade Unions.

Nowadays we are focusing not merely on the political Left, but also on the entire Hungarian history of the modern age. We are endeavouring to trace, collect and preserve the private documentations that are enduring sources of contemporary history, with a special emphasis on the history of the change of regime.

We are open to all parties, organisations, associations and private individuals who wish to deposit their documents in the Archives of the Institute of Political History of Trade Unions.

As open proprietary archives, we are handling the documents in our care in accordance with the rules set forth for public archives. According to our own rules, the Archives are open for research, while the staff is ready to provide the necessary information and supplies data as well.

In the care of the Archives there are 4298 running-metres of documents, and also 1215 cassettes and tapes, 30 discs and 284 rolls of research films. The majority of the fonds are co-ordinated and included in the inventory.

The holdings — Guide to the documents

We distinguish 13 main groups of fond, each of the main groups of fond have been indicated by Roman numerals:

XIII.    Vocal documents


The Archives of Political History and of Trade Unions is working currently on a database of those people who were captured as war prisoners in Russia during WWI, and of the ones who moved by any way to the Soviet Union during the interwar period.

Therefore the Archives asks everybody who knows that any of his/her relatives was captured as war prisoner in Russia during WWI (and deceased there or arrived home after), or stayed at the Soviet Union for a while between the wars, and owns any documents connected to it (letters, identity cards, death certifications, diaries, notes, photos etc.), let inform the Archives.


The Archives of Political History and of Trade Unions
(Politikatörténeti és Szakszervezeti Levéltár)
1054 Budapest, Alkotmány u. 2., II. floor
Phone: (+36 1) 301-20-21, (+36 1) 301-20-22
Fax: (+36 1) 301-20-29
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The opening hours of the research room:
Monday: 8.30–18.00
Tuesday and Wednesday: 8.30–16.00
Closed on Thursday and Friday

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