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The member of the Scientific Department: Gábor Egry

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Gábor Egry (1975)

PhD, Chief director

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Historian, holding a PhD from Eötvös Loránd University (Faculty of Humanities) in Budapest, currently research fellow at the Institute of Political History, Budapest, and editor in chief of Múltunk (Our Past), a quaterly journal of political history, author of three books, most recently Otthonosság és idegenség. Identitáspolitka és nemzetfelfogások Magyarországon a rendszerváltás után [Domesticity and Strangness. Politics of Identity and Concpets of Nation in Hungary after the Change of Regime] Napvilág, Budapest, 2010, and numerous articles in specialist journals, volumes and media outlets on topics of history and politics of identity. He was visiting lecturer at the University of Miskolc and at Stradins University, Riga, „Europa” Fellow of the New Europe College – Institue for Advanced Studies, Bucharest. His primary research topic is history of minorities and nationalism in East-Central Europe from the 19th century, with a focus on interwar Transylvania and its regionalist political currents.

List of publications: MTMT

Interview with Gábor Egry, a young historian at the Institute for Political History (Politikatörténeti Intézet) in Budapest, Hungary. Interview conducted in Ithaca, NY on October 26, 2008.

Studies, essays: academia.edu

In: Regimes and Transformations. Hungary in the Twentieth Century. Edited by István Feitl and Balázs Sipos. Napvilág, Budapest, 2005. 95–118.

Minority Elite, Continuity and Identity Politics in Northern Tarnsylvania: the Case of the Transylvanian Party. In: Cultural Dimensions of Elite Formation in Modern Transylvania (1850-1950). Viktor Karády, Zsuzsanna Török eds., Edit. CRDE, Cluj, 2008, 186–215.

Front Line, No Man's Land or Fortress? The Hungarian Minority Elite in Rumania between National Identity and Regional Self-Consciousness.

"Warsaw Express" and the Polish Disease: On the Causes and Effects of 1989 in Hungary, Poland, and Eastern Europe.

Why Identity Matters?: Hungary's New Law on Citizenship and the Reorganisation of an Organic Nation. In: Rainer Bauböck (ed.): Dual Citizenship for Transborder Minorities? How to Respond to the Hungarian-Slovak Tit-for_Tat. EUI Working Papers 2010/75. 25-28. (2010)

Lost in Transition?: La crise de la social-democratie hongroise [Lost in Transition? The Crisis of the Hungarian Social-domocracy.] Revue Socialiste 36. 2009 (4) 97-104.

L'apprentissage de la gauche: l'héritage pos-communiste, l'ideal social-démocrate et les constraintes de la transition dans le débats internes de la gauche hongorises. [Learning the Left: Post-Communist Heritage, Social-democratic Ideas and the Constraint of the Transition in the Internal Debates of the Hungarian Left.] Revue Socialiste 39. 2010 (3) 53-58.

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