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Please let me briefly introduce the institutions clustered around the Foundation of Political History. As a public utility organization, the Foundation supports multidisciplinary research of the recent past and the present. Besides history it is focuses on contemporary social topics as well. It helps to bring about novel knowledge with scholarships, support accorded to individual and team projects. The Foundation maintains the Institute of Political History, and in this way makes accessible for the public the documents of national significance kept in the archives and library of the Institute. For the publication of results the Foundation operates a detached publishing house, Napvilág Kiadó. The head of the advisory board of the Foundation is József Bayer, regular member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The Institute of Political History is a company outside the publicly funded academic and governmental system of research institutions. As a public utility private research place it provides open access to its archives and library.

Besides the historical and social research, the institute hosts conferences and cultural events as well. It is an intellectual center that is concentrating first of all on the renewal and popularization of critical social thinking in the broadest sense.

For these aims we publish the historical quarterly Múltunk (Our Past).

Please, take a further look at the activity of our Institute and publishing house!


Gábor Egry
chief director of the Institute of Political History



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