Cody James Inglis


Cody James Inglis is a historian, screenwriter, and editor with a focus on Central European intellectual history between the Ausgleich and Anschluss. He recently defended his MA thesis on the topic of György Lukács as a mediator of neo-Kantian, romantic anti-capitalist, and sociological intellectual trends between Budapest and Heidelberg—and back—through the Weber and Sunday Circles during and immediately after the First World War. Currently, he is an affiliated researcher at Pasts, Inc., Center for Historical Studies at Central European University.

Beyond these projects, Cody’s interests have expanded toward historicizing the relation between intellectual circles and the development of anti-modernist political languages in Central and East-Central Europe before, during, and after the First World War. This will be the basis for deeper doctoral work. In addition, Cody is the screenwriter and lead researcher for a documentary film that traces the contemporary memory, legacy, and politics of György Lukács’ intellectual production through archival documents, oral interviews, and contextual footage of urban Budapest.