Social Theory Research Group

The Research Group is a unique and flexible unit of research inviting the Hungarian scholars from the field of social and critical theory. It offers an open space for intellectual debate and cooperation. Its aim is to attract scholars who can contribute to the renewal of the left after two decades of the dominance of “third way” social democracy that obscured the diversity of the global intellectual left and finally proved to be unable to counter the reconstruction of the right on the basis of recent trends in Europe and the US. While there are several small-scale initiatives concerning social theory in Hungary, but the coagulation of an intellectual space is only in its initial phase. The Research Group was founded based on the conviction that the Hungarian Left needs strong theoretical pillars and we intend to contribute to this initiative. First and foremost, its source should be the reception of a wide range of global intellectual currents. Currently, our research has three main directions: contemporary social theory, theory of globalization, leftist theories of democracy.

Main research topics:

  • Critical theory
  • Post-Marxism
  • Theory of democracy
  • Feminism
  • Trade unions
  • Populism.

The members of the Research Group:

  • Attila Antal – coordinator
  • Viktor Kiss – researcher
  • Csaba András
  • Zsolt Bagi
  • Mátyás Binder
  • Böcskei Balázs
  • Péter Csigó
  • Mariann Dósa
  • Márk Áron Éber
  • Sára Gergely
  • Zsolt Kapelner
  • Eszter Kováts
  • Sára Lafferton
  • Miklós Merényi
  • Bálint Misetics
  • Ágnes Patakfalvi-Czirják
  • Gábor Scheiring
  • Kinga Soós
  • Erzsébet Takács
  • Anna Ujlaki
  • Zoltán Vastagh