Elisabeth Haid


Elisabeth Haid graduated from the University of Vienna in 2017 with an PhD in History. Her thesis titled “From the Point of View of Two Empires: Galicia in Austrian and Russian Press Reporting during World War I (1914-1917)” focuses on the role of Galicia in Austrian and Russian wartime propaganda and in political debates on nationalities questions. She also holds an BA in Slavonic Studies (2013).

She was a PhD student at the interdisciplinary doctoral program “Austrian Galicia and its Multicultural Heritage” from 2010 to 2013 and a university assistant at the Institute for East European History at the University of Vienna from 2013 to 2017. During a visiting scholarship (2017/18) at the Institute for the Culture and History of the Germans in North-Eastern Europe in Lüneburg (Germany) she did research on the “Polish question” in Austria-Hungary and Germany at the end of World War I.

Her research interests include the history of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Russian Empire, Eastern and Central Europe, Galicia, World War I and Jewish History. She was co-editor of an edited volume and published several research articles in journals and edited volumes.