The members of the Social Theory Research Group: Attila Antal

Attila Antal (1985)

PhD, coordinator at Social Theory Research Group

He is holding a PhD in political science. He is a senior lecturer at Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Law Institute of Political Science. He is a coordinator at the Social Theory Research Group at Institute of Political History. He is doing his contemporary research in political theory of populism, social and critical theory, theory of democracy, green political thought, constitutionalism, political history.

List of publications

Studies, essays: 


Communist Populism in Hungary

Forthcoming in Society and Economy (2018)


Ecopopulism and environmental justice in Eastern and South Europe

Paper prepared for Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene, 24-25 April 2017 Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA (2017)


The Political Theories, Preconditions and Dangers of the Governing Populism in Hungary

Czech Journal of Political Science, (1.) pp 5-20. (2017)


The Impact of USA and EU on Environmental and Energy Democracy in Hungary

On-line Journal Modelling the New Europe no.17. pp 13-27. (2015)


Strong Constitutional Basis – Weak Environmental Policy The Case of Hungary

Conference Paper, 3rd UNITAR-Yale Conference on Environmental Governance and Democracy, 5-7 September 2014, New Haven, USA (2014)