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Openness and Closedness – Culture and Science in Hungary and the Soviet Bloc after Helsinki

2019. június 12.

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International Scientific Conference


Date: 12th June 2019
Venue: Institute of Political History (1054 Budapest, Alkotmány str. 2.)
Language: English





Opening Panel

Melinda Kalmár: The Decades of Détente – Dynamics of Interdependence

György Földes: Reform and Ideology after 1968

Róbert Takács: East-West Debates on the ’Third Basket” of the Helsinki Final Act


Culture – Region

Viviana Iacob: Romanian and Western Theatre in the 1970s

Erika Szívós: Cultural Transfers in Urban Planning and Architecture



Péter Csunderlik: From Criticising „NATO-history writing” to the Triumph of „Comecon-history writing”? – Change of Attitudes in Hungarian historiography after 1956

Attila Antal: The (Re)Institutionalization of Hungarian Political Science

Erzsébet Takács: In the Mantle of Professionalization. Hungarian Family Sociology Research in the 1970s and 1980s

András Pinkasz: Rival Views of Economics in the 1980s in Hungary: Mathematical Economists, Neoclassical Economists, and the Creative Positivists



2019. június 12.
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